Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Edifying Morning Conversation

In the car this morning, on the way to take The Boy to school, the following topics were discussed:

* The eating pecking order of the household if food becomes scarce (and the fact that it's only fair to eat those who are most likely to expire quickly first):
    1. Furball Cat
    2.The Boy
    3. Shadow Cat
    4. Ginger (the puppy - who is assumed will have grown by then)  

* The obvious forthcoming Zombie Revolution
* Who will be thrown to the Zombies first - and the fact that, though The Boy would prefer it, The Girl can't be tossed to the Zombies as she is most likely to be able to figure out a way to repel them
* Whether or not Zombies poop
* Can Zombies starve to death since they are already dead

Ah, with a morning start of such lofty conversation, how can the day be anything but positive? :/

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