Sunday, December 5, 2010

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Canned Unicorn Meat held-up at German Customs, confused with the real deal

Dec. 3, 2010 (10:55 am) By: Doug Osborne

When our sister site ThinkGeek decided to take an April Fool’s Day item and turn it into a real one, consumers became giddy to be one of the first owners of a tin of “Canned Unicorn Meat.” Although the item inside the can is in reality a dissected plush Unicorn toy, German Customs Authorities were not laughing when they seized an order for the magically delicious treat when it arrived in the country.
It seems German Customs officers believe the ThinkGeek item is actually meat from a “rare” animal and as such has been held-up for delivery according to a German consumer by the name of Ingomaras. She explains in a message she sent to ThinkGeek.
I just learned that it is not very helpful to describe the “canned unicorn meat” as “canned unicorn meat” on the invoice when trying to import this.
Customs get really irritated as it’s supposedly food and meat of a “rare” animal. For the sake of keeping things smooth please label it as “canned unicorn (plush toy)” or something less conspicuous.
My delicous [sic] unicorn is stuck in customs for almost a week now.
Best regards,
I guess the two things we can learn from this scenario are:  German Customs are very literal when it comes to items entering the country and/or at some point there were actually Unicorns running around Germany.
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  1. This is legend...wait for it...keep waiting til you think its never going to come...DARY!!!!!!! LOL! I LOVE it!!!!